26 - 28 May 2020

Leave No Child Behind





CONFEREnce 2020.

 | Cape Town, South Africa

The African Child Trauma Conference brings together key national, subnational, local government and private sector stakeholders from across Africa and beyond to discuss and explore collective solutions for addressing child protection related challenges and create a safe and inclusive Africa for our children.

Why attend the African Child Trauma Conference?

The 2020 Theme 'Leave No Child Behind' has been chosen to bring forward the legacy/key conference output from the 11th African Child Trauma Conference in August 2019 (visit 2019 conference tab for more details)namely, the 'Leave No Child Behind' Charter. This conference theme is aimed to respond to the growing acknowledgement across the continent and the world that to achieve the SDGs, child trauma prevention and protection must be mobilised. Working together, we hope to unlock the potential resources that are needed to harness partnerships with key stakeholders to effectively protect and our children.


Workshops/panel discussions

1. Positive discipline

2. Back to basics - the role of attachment

3. The assessment of suspected sexual abuse in children with Downs syndrome and other intellectual disabilities

4. Providing psychosocial support for children and families after disasters

5. School based violence

HIV and disability are crosscutting issues for all of the streams